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#Editorial  Committee


The editorial committee will comprise publishing and documentation professionals (INED team and outside advisers) and French specialists in this field. Its purpose is to ensure editorial consistency and monitor the innovative nature of the website, particularly the connections between its use by the general public and researchers. It will also appraise the academic standards of contributions, harmonize their use of various media (sound, archives, video). It will ensure the editorial standards of the whole website (format, quality of writing, sound, documents, photographs, etc.).


Editorial committee

Alain Blum (Chair, historian and demographer, INED and EHESS,), Marta Craveri (historian, Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme), Juliette Denis (lecturer, historian), Denis Eckert (geographer, CNRS), Véronique Ginouvès (research engineer at CNRS, sound archives director at Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme), Catherine Gousseff (historian, CNRS), Marie-Hélène Gatto (Grand Équipement Documentaire Condorcet), Anouche Kunth (historian, CNRS), Emilia Koustova (historian, lecturer-researcher, University of Strasbourg), Guillaume Le Roux (geographer, junior researcher, INED), Marie-Paule Reydet (editor, Éditions de l’Ined), Karin Sohler (reference librarian, open archive director INED), Wanda Romanowski (head of Éditions de l’Ined), Irina Tcherneva (historian)