La marche du monde - RFI Broadacasts



The “Sound Archives of Europe of the Gulag” are the result of the shared desire of Alain Blum, Marta Craveri and myself to give European survivors of the Soviet purges the chance to tell their stories. The founding principle of this not-for-profit association is the awareness that these women and men are the only people left who can communicate their personal experiences. Time was therefore short if we were to collect their stories of life before, during and after the camps. One million Europeans were deported to the Gulag, a fact long hidden by the Iron Curtain and still insufficiently known. So that the voices of the witnesses, revealing their identities and emotions, could be handed on, RFI, the French government’s international broadcaster, with its worldwide reputation for quality and expertise, agreed to support this ambitious and innovative project. For the first time, European memories of the Gulag are presented and compared in a single scholarly context. RFI is proud to be the co-producer of the first sound archives of Europe of the Gulag.

Thanks to the recording quality of the sound archives of the Gulag, you will be able to hear, feel and understand the singular experiences of these women and men who have chosen to speak up. They are worth listening to (the original broadcasts were in French and are available on the French-language pages).



Valérie Nivelon

Journalist, producer of “ La marche du monde ”

Valérie Nivelon was awarded the SCAM 2010 prize (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia) for the “Gulag: Europeans speak” series

Alain Blum is director of the Centre for Russian, Caucasian and Central European Studies (CERCEC, under EHESS and CNRS)

Marta Craveri is a researcher at CERCECBrao