Michał Giedroyć : His father’s arrest, deportation and death


In the first three extracts, Michał Giedroyć describes the start of the war and his father’s arrest in September 1939, his own deportation with his mother and two sisters in April 1940 and his father’s death, shot by the NKVD in June 1941 while being transferred from Minsk prison to Igumen prison, because he was too weak to walk.

The fourth extract concerns the late discovery of his father’s fate.

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Michał in 1933
© Michał Giedroyć

All available extracts:

  1. His father’s arrest, September 1939
  2. Their deportation, April 1940
  3. His father’s death, June 1941
  4. 1948: how they learnt of their father’s death